Our Quality

Quality Policy

"K. Wm. Beach Manufacturing Co., Inc. will provide the highest quality products, with the greatest value, in a timely manner. Our efforts will be customer driven and aimed at continuously improving our processes, and products."

Our Quality Policy

The above statement is the quality policy that we feel must be the basis for all of our endeavors. In order for us to maintain the consistent level of service and commitment that this statement implies, we must employ a strong and knowledgeable work force guided by capable and determined leadership.

An integral part of producing a quality product must be the ability to forecast the needs of our customers and react efficiently. We must be able to employ a structured production plan that will inherently build quality into the products. Through these measures, and a constant dedication to improvement, we can increase productivity and decrease operational cost.

Managing with a quality minded approach means that we can accept nothing less than the best as a company and as individuals. Each person must realize how their role and actions affect the success of the company as a whole. We feel that through education, availability of information, and continued effort towards improvement, we can, not only meet our customer's needs, but we can exceed their highest expectations.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015