Inspection Services

Sandow, LLC., a subsidiary of the K. Wm. Beach Manufacturing Company, offers experienced and proven product inspection services. Companies all too often are sent untrained temporary help to conduct quality inspections, and are faced with using their valuable management and building resources to supervise, train, and conduct the sorting. Sandow, LLC., takes the burden and costly inconvenience away from the company, and provides a professional and reliable alternative. Based on the customer’s quality information and needs, we train our associates prior to inspection, and provide them with a detailed work instruction. This allows us to efficiently provide a variety of inspection services for sorting, reworking, and JIT delivery.


  • Support for Tier I and Tier II Suppliers with new product launch and mass production
  • Product Containment
  • Support for product sorts, repairs, and lot sequencing
  • On-line and off-line repair support
  • In house or on-site inspection and support
  • In house fabrication of quality fixtures

Experience and Qualifications

  • Proven Quality Assurance Control System
  • Machine Shop Capabilities
  • Flexible Warehousing
  • Lot Control Experience
  • Complex Sub-Assemblies
  • Product Sequencing
  • Class A Safety Components
  • Documented Quality Operation Standards and Procedures